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Let's face it, we tend to eat poorly (or even trying to eat healthy, there's still alot of tainted food), drink water loaded with things like flouride, and many other toxins, and the air full of pollutants. Many need things to supplement their health to live healthy and vibrant and to steer clear of diseases and sickness. Many also need safer products all around, like cleaners, and hygienic products. I've created this store list for all natural, holisitc, non GMO, organic health needs. If you take any supplements, vitamins, use cleaning products, make up, hygiene products or anything else that you take or use regularly, why not purchase good quality, non toxic, and from friends, family, and small business for these needs? Consider it for your health and well being, and to support eachother for a better community! These are products I personally endorse as a Healer, always dedicated to health physically, emotionally and spiritually, WHOLEistically!

Touchstone Essentials Features a natural detox supplement, unlike any other. Their source is zeolite, naturally occuring from volcanic minerals. They also feature pure cbd oil, organic, non GMO supplements and vitamins. Check out the store to find out more about these amazing , one of a kind products! 

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Damsel In Defense is an all around great company dedicated to Protection, inside and out. They feature self defense items like Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, as well as fashionable useful items like concealed carry purses, workout accessories, and more! They have a supplement line as well. Another great line of theirs is the childrens, featuring things such as alarms, books, bullet proof backpack sleeve, games and more! Many proceeds go towards the fight to end Human Trafficking.

Check out the website to learn about all the great products and their mission!

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Young Living is unique in their field of Health. There are many Essential Oil companies, but this one stands out for its pledge to natural, toxin free living. They are also one of the few that carries a childrens line of supplements, oils and hygiene products. Check out the store for Healthy living!


Melaleuca is the place for all non toxic living solutions. Their products include cleaners, unique supplements, hair care, skin care, dental care, snacks and more! They stand out for their natural approach and all the research and quality that is put into all their products for a healthy home. Check out the store for all your health needs in one place!

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